Colour trends of 2016

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With so many trends in interior design coming and going quickly, it can sometimes be daunting picking out which colours to include in your home. To help you out, we have created some mood boards and top colour trends to get you on the front foot, whether you are building, renovating or simply installing a new wardrobe. Take a look:

White hues

One of the key colours making an appearance in 2016 is classic white. A whole host of white hues will create a base (or even an accent) within the home, with varying shades from creams and stark whites to greys and cool, almost-blue hues. White has always been a popular bathroom and wardrobe choice and 2016 sees it renewed across the home, where minimalist styles with splashes of colour are on trend.

Jewel tones

Rich, royal purples, lush jades and deep blues have been popular for a while now and 2016 sees them become a bigger part of interior design. Used for feature pieces or mashed together for an eclectic look, jewel tones are powerful, stunning colours that are usually used for details or statement selections.

Cold neutrals

Cool tones are not only great in the Aussie sun, helping keep your home cooler and shaded, they are also a popular match alongside all the favourites named for 2016. Bring out the sleek slate tones in your home for a modern, minimalist look with pops of accent colours to give a feast for the eyes.

Sunshine highlights

To contrast with the cool neutral tones, bright sunny colours are also seeing the stage in 2016. Canary, banana and citron yellows are all popular to sit alongside darker neutrals and really make architecture and decorative features pop. Or, pair it with jewel tones for a colourful look that will tantalise the senses.

For more inspiration, ideas or help with the colour and design of your home, particularly the bathroom or wardrobe, take a look at some of our other blogs or talk to our team to discuss your needs.

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