Styling trends in the home

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With technology advancing every day and new techniques and styles available to homeowners and builders, trends within the home are always moving and evolving. However, there are a few key trends gaining popularity that are set to become classics in the home. Here are just a few styling trends we are seeing more of:

Frameless shower screens


One of the biggest trends today would have to be the frameless shower. Just like the name suggests, this type of shower does not have a frame, giving a fluid, endless look that adds the illusion of space and a touch of luxury.

Open wardrobes


With storage becoming more of a necessity, many are looking to expand their wardrobe and create an open space, often taking up a whole separate room in the home. Open wardrobes mean you can see everything instantly, as well as have a specific space to get ready for the day. Luxurious, convenient and practical, open wardrobes are a great addition to the home.

Mirrored wardrobes


City siders and apartment dwellers know how important it is to maximise space. Aiming to increase the illusion of space in a small apartment while also offering a functional piece? Mirrored wardrobes are one way to tick all the boxes. Make the most of your space by negating the need for freestanding mirrors and trick the eye into think a room is bigger than it is.

Bi-fold doors


Australians are big outdoor lovers but sometimes the flow from inside can be a little lacking. A great way to link the two while also being able to close the space off when needed is with bi-fold doors. Using glass panels within the doors, bi-folds can ensure a smooth flow from one space to another, particularly from the indoors out, whether closed or open.

So, why not make the most of today’s latest styling trends? Upgrade your home with one – or more – of the above with the help of Packers.

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