The most popular renovations in the bedroom and ensuite

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Renovations are a popular way to add value to the home and breathe some new life into an old space. Because of this, many people are thinking about what they want to do in their home for renovation, but may not know where to start. The following are some of the most popular renovations in the bedroom and ensuite to give you some inspiration:

Major renovations


Go frameless

If your shower is looking a bit old and in need of some refreshing, a frameless solution may be the perfect option! Ditch the traditional framed look and add a modern touch and a fresh look with a semi frameless or fully frameless shower. Add value to the home and add some luxury to your daily wash!

Glass sliding or bi-fold doors in the bedroom

Got a beautiful view but only a small window to view it through? Open up the bedroom with some glass sliding or bi-fold doors. Bring the outdoors inside and enjoy the world around you, up close and personal, with glass windows spanning a whole wall.

A new wardrobe

We all need more storage and we could all do with a better way to organise our wardrobe. If yours is getting too much and you just want to start fresh, why not invest in a new wardrobe solution for your bedroom? With a wide range of options, including walk-in robes, you are spoiled for choice. For more ideas and inspiration, check out our article on clever storage ideas (link to other blog).


The little details



A popular addition to the bedroom or ensuite is a mirror, particularly larger ones that often cover whole walls. Mirrors can light up the room, adding an illusion of more space and creating interest. They are a great decorative feature that is also very practical, an obvious choice for those who want a simple, affordable change.

A lick of paint

With a little time and some patience, repainting the bedroom can be an easy DIY job that can have impressive results. Choose from the latest trends and give your bedroom a facelift in just a weekend! Add a feature wall or a mirror at the same time and combine some renovation projects in one.

Hanging bedside lights

Modern, minimalist designs are popular in the home and one way to inject this into your space is with hanging bedside lights. Usually featuring exposed bulbs, this look is all about getting that grungy yet refined look. Free up space on the bedside table and add a little charm to the room with this easy addition.

Want to commit to some renovation projects this year but not sure where to start? Talk to the experts at Packers, specialists in wardrobes, shower screens, windows and doors. We are happy to help!

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