Aluminium doors

Our Residential aluminium doors have achieved an unequalled position within the aluminium joinery industry through their strength, look, feel and functionality.

Aluminium doors
Sliding doors

Sliding doors

Our aluminium sliding doors offer security and strength with incredible profiles featuring performance rollers for smoother, quieter sliding.

A range of configurations are available, including our popular two-panel sliders and three-panel stacking systems and our 90-degree corner sliders that open wide without a corner post.

To improve ventilation in your home, sliders can be left partly open without the danger of wind gusts slamming the door shut.

Custom sliding door

Custom sliding doors

Our Custom aluminium sliding/stacking doors are the natural choice when wide-opening sliding doors are required.

These open up to two thirds of their width, as compared to just half for a standard sliding door.

Most styles come in three panels, two of which slide in the same direction and stack behind a third fixed panel.

An alternate configuration is our six-panel option, providing an expansive opening with two panels moving towards one jamb and two towards the other.

Because our sliding doors can be custom-made, you do not have to design your home to suit standard door sizes and colours, allowing for the greatest design flexibility.

French doors

French Doors

Our French door system is a masterpiece of design.

This is a very elegant door suite suited to individual application or as inclusion in a folding-door system.

Wide top and bottom rails and optional colonial glazing bars reflect the true French door style, and the 113mm-high rails can be widened by a further 85mm, providing a more classic appearance especially when applied to the bottom rail.

Rebated stiles where the French doors close together and the unobtrusive positioning of flush bolts locking the ‘lazy’ door panel give a flush appearance and provide superior weather protection.

For the main opening door we recommend a more secure three-point locking system.

Bifold doors

Bifold Doors

Smooth, reliable operation and superb design are the hallmarks of our bifold door system.

Bifolds feature a reliable bottom-mounted roller system for smooth, reliable performance that lasts, and our heavy-duty quad rollers run on a matching double track for optimum performance and support, ensuring these heavy panels operate easily.

Packers bifolds are available to a maximum panel height of 2.6 metres; alternatively, 3-metre panel heights are also available through Packers’s Commercial bifold products (see our Corporate page for more on commercial projects).

If you have an uneven number of panels, it’s a good idea to include a hinged door in a bifold door set; this allows convenient exit or entry without the need to open up the bifold.

Within a bifold panel you can also insert the stylish sashless double hung window section for superb non-protruding ventilation and flyscreening.

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