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Terms and Conditions of Acceptance

General Conditions of Acceptance

  • This quotation is for items listed only and in no case shall be taken to mean any other quantity sizes, or details that are not expressly included. All errors and omissions accepted.
  • No order or variation will be accepted unless it is in writing and signed by the customer.
  • Variations after submission of the quotation are subject to a separate quotation and acceptance may necessitate a revision of the estimated delivery date.
  • Until the final payment for the whole contract has been made the ownership of the goods supplied shall not pass to the buyer.
  • I/WE AGREE to pay on request interest at the rate of 2% per month on any overdue amount on the account; and to any expenses incurred in collection or attempting to collect any overdue monies, including any debt collectors’ expenses incurred, or to be incurred, up to 17.5% of any amount entrusted to a collector to collect from us.
  • Cancellation of the contact or part thereof will not be accepted without our written consent and on such terms as may be stipulated by us
  • Delivery shall be agreed upon by both the customer and supplier but actual time taken will depend on the work loading in the factory at the time the order is placed
  • We shall not be liable to direct penalties or damages for the failure to deliver in the estimated time unless specifically accepted by us in this quotation and then subject to the conditions listed in Clause 18 of the R.A.I.A and M.B.F.A Agreement Edition 4.
  • Any complaints regarding shortages or workmanship may not be recognised if not submitted in writing within seven days after delivery or installation.
  • All goods are insured against loss or damage in transit and a buyer’s signature on the carriers receipt at the time of delivery will be regarded as sufficient evidence that the goods have been inspected and found free from damage or shortage.
  • No alterations or variation of these condition will be accepted unless in writing and agreed by us.
  • Prices quoted are fixed for 30 days from quotation date unless otherwise agreed in writing, or advertised separately.
  • The Warranty is applicable only to original purchaser.
  • No liability for damage from misuse
  • All timber products supplied in raw state unless specifically noted on the quotation.
  • Timber supplied in raw state should be prefinished in accordance with our warranty for timber doors

For Supply and Installation

Our main obligations

  1. We will make and supply the product as detailed and specified in the Conditions of Acceptance.

Access and use of facilities

  1. Access maybe required for the installer to inspect the site pre-installation with the approval of the owner
    During installation the immediate site is to be free of any obstructions e.g. furniture. The installer will require use of water and electricity and may require the use of toilet facilities.

Our Warranty

  1. Wardrobe and Storage
    • Ten year warranty applies subject to the terms and conditions.

    Shower Screens

    • Two year warranty applies subject to the terms and conditions. Five year warranty from date of manufacture for Laminated Glass. No warranty as such applies to 5m, 6m and 10m Toughened Glass.

    Timber Doors

    • Two year warranty applies subject to the terms and conditions.

    Our Sales Representatives will supply you with the appropriate terms and conditions of warranty for your product.

Our right to fix

  1. If at any time you claim the product is defective, you must tell us by written notice within 7 days of completion. If we accept responsibility, we have the right to fix the effect, but we must do so within 21 days.

Colour Variations

  1. It is important you note that the colour and grain of timber, and other natural materials can very. We will use our best efforts to match the colour or grain of the product to a sample selected or provided by you, but we have no liability if they are different.

Surplus Materials

  1. All demolished materials will remain your property unless prior written agreement has been arranged.
    All surplus materials that we bring to the site will remain our property.

Displayed Products

  1. Work methods and materials used will correspond with the sample product displayed in our showroom.

Unforeseen Circumstances

  1. We are not responsible for any problems with the site, which are only revealed when installing the product e.g. electrical wiring, water pipes, etc.

Work by you

  1. We are not responsible for the removal and re-connection of electrical/security wiring or plumbing.


  1. We may sub-contract any of our obligations. You must not give instructions to our subcontractors nor directly employ our sub-contractors for further works without our approval.

Liability of Product on Site

  1. The product is at your risk once it is delivered and installed to site.


  1. We will have public liability insurance of at least $5m and recommend that you are similarly insured.

Your Joint and Several liability

  1. If there is more than one of you then,
    • All your obligations are joint
    • We only have to give notices to one of you
    • Only one of you need accept a quote or sign a notice, and then all are bound.

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