Aluminium windows

No matter what your need, you’ll find exceptional aluminium windows at prices to meet your budget right here.

Aluminium windows
Casement windows

Casement Windows

A stylish option that’s well suited to traditional and contemporary home designs.

Casement windows are ideal for directing breezes inside for better ventilation. A superb aluminium window for above garden beds and upper-story locations, this line can also be coupled to sliding doors and other windows seamlessly. As with the awning window, our casement windows include stylish wedgeless handles for a clean finish.

Sliding windows

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are an excellent choice for most homes, especially in servery situations between kitchen and outside entertainment areas.

They are also the safest option available, as they don’t protrude onto decks or walkways. Our Residential range offers various user-friendly options, including single- or double- opening panels along with double glazing where improved thermal or acoustic performance is required. Because these are non-projecting, our aluminium-constructed sliding windows can be fitted with exterior security screens or flyscreens.

Double hung windows

Double Hung Windows

The Residential double hung aluminium window line lends elegance to traditional and contemporary styled homes.

Resembling traditional solid timber windows, the double hung window offers classic style with all the additional functional benefits of aluminium. These windows don’t protrude over decks or walkways and boast ventilation. Sashes accommodate 20mm double glazing and pivot inwards for convenient cleaning from the inside of the building. Excellent weather performance, strength, sound reduction and security are all hallmarks of our double hung products.

Bifold windows

Bifold Windows

Bifolds remain one of our most popular and versatile aluminium window lines.

Boasting wide openings to maximise views and airflow, these vastly open a home’s interior to the outside beyond the windows, delivering an incredible expansive feeling to any home. Our Residential range of bifold windows features a reliable bottom-mounted roller system for consistently smooth operation, and our heavy-duty quad rollers run on a matching double track for optimum performance and support.

Shashless window

Sashless Windows

Our aluminium-constructed sashless windows are a truly elegant addition to boost any home’s impression of luxury at an affordable price.

The frameless design means no stiles or rails clutter the outlook, delivering a totally unobstructed view of the outdoors. These windows are designed to give high and low ventilation, are simple to operate and can be latched in an open position. They are available with or without flyscreens which can be attached without unsightly rivets or turnbuckles. With two panels of glass sliding silently past each other within aluminium guides fitting neatly into the perimeter frame, this window was designed to couple with all windows and doors within the Residential range.

Custom windows

Custom Designed Windows

Packers aluminium windows are available in a range of specialised formats custom designed according to personal taste or price range, supplied in standard formats such as bay, box and greenhouse windows.

Windows can be designed to be curved, raked, arched or segmented to suit specific house design or aesthetic requirements.

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