Crafers West, Adelaide Hills

Quigly Constructions engaged Packers in 2020 to deliver an aluminium window and door contract on a high-end residential extension. The project features an extremely wide range of solutions to achieve the architect's goals!

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Quigley Building Builder

Sandy placed a high level of trust in the Packers windows residential design and estimation team. Utilising the wealth of knowledge Cheryl and Charlotte have to offer, especially to make changes during the building process. The changes throughout the process were quite simple and mainly revolved around functionality. Some windows were changed at the client's request from fixed to louvres.

Domenico Allegretto Architecture was successful in transitioning between the existing dwelling to the new extension. The tie between the new and the old utilises Packers custom aluminium window frames and lovers. The lovers were provided to maximise privacy from the road while softening the transition between the old and the new.

The use of natural light throughout the property has been maximised with floor-to-ceiling windows at the entrance of the home.

Packers aluminium window and door solutions have focused on quality and functionality for day-to-day use. All high-level awning windows are automated.

The entire project was double-glazed to meet both thermal criteria and bush fire BAL ratings of the area.

Packers proudly and swiftly moved this project through our North Plympton factory achieving all agreed delivery milestones throughout the entire process with Quigly Construction.

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