Designing Your Dream Wardrobe

Designing your dream wardrobe is an exciting task and if you’re thinking of taking it to the next level here are my 5 key tips to consider.

Marie Kargiotis - The Stylist Loves

Marie Kargiotis


It’s tempting to gravitate towards white because it’s a simple and safe option but you can turn a simple closet design into something spectacular when you add colour. Think a beautiful wood grain or deep moody black. A rich colour acts as a perfect backdrop to show off your clothes and accessories and creates instant luxury.


This is something that is often forgotten and has a dual purpose. The first is practicality. The closet space is generally the darkest space in the house and you want it well lit so you can clearly see what to wear. The second is ambiance. There is no better way to create ambiance than with lighting. Back lighting creates instant luxury and you will feel like you are in a fancy hotel.


Think about leaving space for a full length mirror. It will create the illusion of more space and of course practical for getting ready. If you have ample space you can use the mirror to break up the joinery or if you’re short on space add mirrored panels to the front of doors or even on the inside of the doors. Be sure to add a mirror in the area that has enough space to step back and view yourself in full length.


In my experience, most people forget to leave enough room for shoes. The average person has at least 20 pairs (I think these numbers are much higher!! ) so it’s important to allocate space for them. Open shelving is perfect to display your favourite shoes but allow zones that are hidden inside drawers or shelves to store all your practical shoes.


If there is one area my clients are always struggling with its keeping their accessories organised. Men and women alike. Custom joinery that accommodates accessories is a game changer. Compartments made to perfectly suit your needs and keep everything easily accessible. This stunning glass display wardrobe island deserves a special mention for its uber stylish way to display all your ready to wear items.

A well designed wardrobe can change your life. Organisation becomes easy and getting dressed in the morning becomes a joy. The options are endless and Packers have designed thousands of closet spaces and will provide you with the best solutions for your space. And...if you pop into the new Maylands showroom you will be blown away just as I was!

Marie Kargiotis is a sought after interiors specialist. Marie’s philosophy is that the style of your home should be a reflection of your own personality and should function in a way that compliments your lifestyle. She is authentic and passionate and her enthusiasm at visualising the potential of a project is infectious. Her impressive portfolio spans new and existing homes and renovations, both inside and out, luxury accommodation, commercial spaces, products and furniture styling, and photographic and advertising campaigns.

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