Custom Built-In Robes & Walk-In Robes

At Packers, we love to spoil our customers for choice. We don’t believe in limiting people to pre-made designs and built-in robe styles. Our process is to offer 3 different base ‘walk-in’ or ‘built-in’ robe options which can then be styled and customised to suit you and your home. However, if you’re the type of person that prefers to just buy “off the shelf”, then that’s available too.

The basic built-in robe styles we offer are sliding robes and hinged robes. We also offer walk-in robes. Feel free to explore each category below.

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Sliding Built-In Wardrobes

Sliding doors are a sleek addition to a built-in robe and suit any room. They not only provide functional benefits, but whichever design statement you choose will add value to your home.

Sliding built-in robes look beautiful, are easy to use and are available in a wide range of styles, colours and price points, so you can create your own practical, yet eye catching piece that suits your budget.

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Hinged Built-In Wardrobes

Perhaps you are looking for a more vintage feel for your built-in robe. Hinged robes are a great solution that offers everything from an antique look to a modern built-in robe, but still provides a space efficient solution.

Hinged built-in robes are centred off hinges that come from a frame on your wall. They offer numerous design options to suit your home, look and lifestyle, which can be incorporated to any room seamlessly.

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Walk-In Wardrobes

Walk-in robes are now considered a “must-have” by many new homeowners. They offer an incredibly large, private space to store your clothes, shoes, accessories and other items.

For many of us, we find we have a lot of clothing and other belongings which just don’t seem to fit within most built-in robes. The walk-in robe option can be a great solution! It essentially offers another small room for organising or storing your clothes and items, plus provides an extra space to get ready.

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