Our Built-In Wardrobe Range

At Packers, you are spoiled for choice. We don’t limit you to pre-made designs or traditional wardrobe styles.

Instead, we offer three different built-in wardrobe options with a multitude of styles, as well as the option to customise these to suit, or even just buy “off the shelf” if that’s what you are looking for.

The styles we offer include sliding built-in wardrobes, hinged built-in wardrobes and walk-in robes, all of which you can see below.

Wardrobe product image

Sliding Built-In Wardrobes

Sliding door built-in wardrobes enhance functionality while also making a design statement that adds value to your home.

Sliding built-in wardrobes are beautiful, easy to use and come in a wide range of styles, colours and prices, so you can create a practical, eye catching piece that fits within your budget.

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Hinged Built-In Wardrobes

Hinged door built-in wardrobes are a space efficient solution offering everything from an antique look to a modern built-in wardrobe.

Hinged built-in wardrobes offer numerous design options to suit your home, look and lifestyle, which can be incorporated to any room seamlessly.

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Walk-In Wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes are a “must-have” for many people, offering a large and private space for your clothes and accessories.

For those who do have a lot of clothing, a walk-in wardrobe is a great solution, offering another room for displaying your items and a space to get ready.

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